Free Knitting Pattern: Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Hat

Free Knitting Pattern: Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Hat, the texture is simply awesome, the look is absolutely classic. And there are so many colors that will look fabulous in this textured beginner-friendly wool blend yarn!


Free Knitting Pattern: Mommy Daddy and Me Hats (3 sizes included)

Free Knitting Patterns: Three hat sizes in this single article - one each for baby, beanie, and slouchie versions of this hat pattern. Also includes solid pattern of each size. So many colors and combinations to choose online or from your local yarn store!

Free Knitting Pattern: 2-Color Fair Isle Beanie Hat

Free knitting pattern: 2-color Fair Isle I've been practicing my knitting all winter, this was a big goal met for me... to tackle Fair Isle! I'd seen so many color combinations I like and wanted to get good enough to make my own design and figure out how to best work the color changes. From holding the yarn to figuring out the repeats I like, here is the result. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!