Free Crochet Pattern: Back Loop Ridge Dishcloth / Washcloth

Free Crochet Pattern: Back Loop Ridge Dishcloth / Washcloth - this wonderful, textured dishcloth is a super quick crochet project with a fun twist, every row is worked in the back loops of the previous. Beginner friendly, it’s an easy choice for a take-along or work up a gift set tonight while watching your favorite TV show!


Free Knitting Pattern: Basketweave Baby Blanket

Free knitting pattern: Basketweave Baby Blanket - lightweight smaller baby blanket in a washable acrylic, has a lovely drape. The pattern is mid-level easy for the advanced beginner who has practiced and gained confidence in un-knitting a few stitches backwards, can drop stitches and fix a few rows back if needed, and can read their work along the way.